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Flairform was founded by chemist Bob Taylor from Australia. He has a great experience in both Agricultural Chemistry and Water Chemistry. Up until 1992, Flairform’s Chief Chemist, Bob Taylor, was the Principal Chemist of the Water Resources section at Western Australia’s State Government Chemistry Centre.

Flairform has been a leader in product innovation and quality for over 20 years. The scientific experience and big experienece in cultivation and hydroponic solved many problems facing the hydroponic industry.

Nowadays Flairform collection includes top quality profesional products that help even the most unexperienced grower to cultivate like a professional.

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I didn't begin adding calmag supplement until very late in the piece, by which stage many of the leaves on the AFA had degenerated significantly and naturally defoliated. This was a mistake. The stupid levels of calmag love/hate meant that I was slow to identify it as the issue with the leaves until the AFA was a bit far gone. Once I started implementing, the premature fade/yellowing was arrested until the final part of this grow. RIP.

2 weeks ago


7 months ago


8 months ago

A couple of regulars for flowering, used twice is enough.

2 years ago

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