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Banana Kush is an outstanding and very popular US strain. After several years of stabilization ANESIA Seeds can offer this variety now as feminized seeds.
Banana Kush is a cross between a OG Kush and a Banana, a variety of Sensi Seeds that was only one year on the market.

Banana Kush is passed in the United States only as a clone, we received by a friend and professional breeder two elite clones and crossed it back with a OG Kush and an original Banana. Over several generations and a longer time we finally selected this strain and genetic masterpiece.

Banana Kush can be grown indoors and outdoors and always develops strong and profitable. You can expect great yields and the best Premium weed after a short flowering time of 8-9 weeks. She produces 450-550g buds per m² and outdoors 550-700g per plant.

The aroma and taste of Banana Kush is extremely intense and reminds you of Canarian bananas: very sweet, fruity and aromatic. Banana Kush has an enormous potency and power. Recent laboratory tests showed a THC content of 25%

The high of Banana Kush is euphoric and delivers a sunny mood. It is the perfect weed for relaxing with friends and having fun. The High can last for 4-5 hours.


The plants of Banana Kush gets medium height with large leaves. The buds are dense, bright green and covered with tons of sparkling crystals and red/yellow hairs. Banana Kush requires a good lightning, controlled feeding and trimming to get the best results. The flowering time is 8-9 weeks. In this time the strain becomes huge and heavy buds.


Banana Kush is used as a medical plant for pain relief and the treatment of nausea, insomnia and poor appetite. This strain is recommended for evening or night time use.

Gender Feminised
Genes I
Genetics Banana OG
Harvest 450-550 g/m²
Flowering 9 weeks
Room Type Indoor
Room Type Outdoor
Release Year Previously Released


1 oz
Avg. Dry Weight
1 oz
Harvest Weight

Tastes & Effects

1 Grower
1 Grower
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Dry eyes
1 Grower


Banana MACMiracle Alien Cookies Banana Kush

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CrankledLarkus Apprentice
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Growing it
Some of the best stuff I've grown! It's been curing for most of this month now and the smells are amazing. You open the jar to be blasted with the smell of sweet banana peels with hints of that dank pungent.
The smoke is very smooth with really pronounced banana flavours, like an over ripened banana that's getting a bit squishy.

It is very potent that doesn't knock you out too much. Very pleasant effect.
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