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Critical Daddy Purple by Blimburn Seeds is a Critical Mass x Grandaddy Purple hybrid with amazing colors and flavor.

This feminized strain perfectly combines the best traits of both parents: eary flowering, high yields, fruity flavor and unique colors.

The bloom period lasts around 50-60 days, while yields vary between 350 and 400g per square metre.

The scent ombines fruity and sweet notes, while the effect is intense and balanced.

Critical Daddy PurpleCritical Daddy Purple
Gender Feminised
Genes SI
Genetics Critical Mass x Grand Daddy Purple
Harvest 350 - 600 g/m²
Flowering 50 - 63 days
THC 19.0%
CBD 0.6%
Room Type Indoor
Room Type Outdoor
Room Type Greenhouse
Release Year Previously Released


1 oz
Avg. Dry Weight
2 oz
Harvest Weight

Tastes & Effects

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Dry mouth
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Dry eyes
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Laian Newbie
Critical Daddy Purple
Growing it
Well, in terms of growing it was big disappointment. Plants were quite sensitive to light burn and final yield is very low, absolutely not in line with what we can expect from critical offspring. In vegetation stage, plant is growing nicely, but in bloom stage bud forming is very poor. Ripening stage sucks. Buds are super small, although they are quite dense. Trichomes production is sufficient, buds are nicely covered, so it is well suited for extraction. I would expect more purple colour in bloom as well, in my opinion appearence of all plants was more into Critical. Blimurn seeds are saying the flower time is 50 days, but I can't confirm. I needed 65 days to get majority of trichomes cloudy. The smell in bloom was citric and gassy, very pleasant, although it was not super intense. I don't know guys, I'm not aware of any severe growing faults I made, but of course, it's possible, and my poor result is caused by improper growing. I don't want to be mean or unjust.

After drying and curing 1 month, I can't desribe the effects properly. I think it's too early to examine full taste and effect profile. Smell is citric and earthy with gassy-skunky touch. Effect so far is kind of proper hybrid. It hits you hard with energetic trippy stage, keeps you elevated a while and then land you comfortly to the bed :)
P.S.- One interesting thing you can see on Blimburn web pages. If you check promo pictures and videos to their strains, in this case Critical Daddy as well, you can see these plants are immature and very poor. I don't know guys, if this is good marketing strategy. After experience with Critical Daddy it seems you can only have such a bad results. I don't want to be mean or unfair with you Blimburn, I'll give your strains one more chance. Maybe I really mess it up with something and those poor results are just my bad growing skills.
1 month ago
jonhraw Newbie
Critical Daddy Purple
Growing it
Second time I grow this strain : it is a now a base for my mostly Indica hybrids
Easy to grow, produtive & short. quite resistant : a very goo choice.
Unfortunally I cut them a little bit to early and have lots of troubles to dry them in winter .. but the result remains good ; not as good as the first time .

More differences between the three phenos than for the first grow.

A very good chaice : productive and healthy strain, easy to grow in small rooms.
Good taste ans good effects : strong but clear , not too munch sleepy.

Good yeld regarding my growning technic : do less . I think it can be easy to reach more than 500 g/m2 with enhanced technics.
5 months ago
Bluntblazer66 Apprentice
Critical Daddy Purple
Growing it
Planted 3 seeds got 3 plants, that is always nice, 100% .
I’m very satisfied with this strain from Blimburn. Very strong plant overall

I had trouble with root wrought with 1 plant and it recovered and produced very nice buds. The second plant was much nicer, twice the size and absolutely beautiful. The third was the largest at a full 1 sq / m canopy of awesomeness. I messed it up right at the end by nute burn, which I am sure will reflect in the quality. I will definitely grow this plant again.
Jan 12th
CDP Little sister gave me 52 g dried and trimmed

Middle sister came in at 92 g
Big sister came in at 145 g
All three total of 289 g and it is all dried up to much, approx all’s are 48 - 52 % RH

I will comment more after I try it out :sunglasses:
6 months ago
Critical Daddy Purple
Growing it
Small Plant, Low Stretch, Average Veg, Great for SCROG and LST, Medium HST stress 3 days to recover, No visible transplant shock, Harvest after 104 days from seed, Water and mold resistant, No problems with pest or fungi, Copes great with warmer and humid climates, Sativa effect, Sweet tasting, Good for smoking during the day, Unstable genetics 1 plant mutated 2 different phenotypes, Bad and inaccurate info from Seedbank
2 years ago

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