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This is a fast-growing and high-yielding variety that can produce up to 500gr/m2 in 63 days while growing up to 120cm, despite the large size it’s super easy to take care of and doesn’t require much maintenance other than basic feeding. This strain is probably one of the best for first-time growers without experience that want an easy-to-grow strain without sacrificing yields and quality. You can expect lots and lots of dense dark-green buds that exhale a pleasant fruity, sweet and floral aroma with a strong piney and earthy background.

Grow tips
Due to the Indica genes, the buds grow denser than usual so it’s essential you tie the branches slightly so there is enough airflow in between the buds to prevent mold and bugs. This variety doesn’t require a lot of maintenance or anything extra but remember to feed her properly and with good-quality nutrients, this way you guarantee the buds fatten up properly and that your plant doesn’t suffer any kind of nutrient deficiencies.
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Gender Feminised
Genes 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
Genetics Big Bud Auto
Harvest 400 - 500 g/m²
Flowering 30 - 35 days
THC 23.0%
CBD 1.0%
Vegetation 30 - 35 days
Room Type Indoor
Room Type Outdoor
Room Type Greenhouse
Release Year2021


0 oz
Avg. Dry Weight
1 oz
Harvest Weight

Tastes & Effects

2 Growers
2 Growers
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3 Growers
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Dry eyes
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2 Growers
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Dry mouth
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Canamatoes Master
Big Bud Auto
Growing it
Alright the first, 2nd & 3rd smoke report..

How can gas taste delicious? I thought I have lost my proper sense of smell and taste.... covid?

Na I'm good and thank god, it's confirmed, Big Bud smells as it was marinated in a mixture of gasoline, diesel, tranny & fluid with a squeeze of lemon. Touch it, then smell your fingers, wtf.. you working on a truck?
The hit from the bong is a 10 10 10 from all the judges, the throat hit, head hit, chest punch and finished up by leg kicks from Thailand..


Its super smooth going in & out with a killer unique dirty lemon/fruit gas taste that you want more of.

I would highly recommend you all give it a go, my absolute stamp of approval:tomato:
2 weeks ago
JohnnyBlaze Master
Big Bud Auto
Growing it
Wow this strain its absolute :fire: so nice i already smoked it all !!
Buds form where more on the indica type fat and super dense ..
When smoking these nugs you can easily feel her strong earthy notes with kushy and creamy undertones truly amazing flavour one of my favourites now!!

The high instead was more sativa for the first hour making you super euphoric and talkative and after a while you start feeling lazy and couchlocked so true hybrid when it comes to effects but still prefer to smoke at night cos if you smoke too much you get stupid!!

And this is everything for this amazing strain Thanks for passing by and showing love hope you have a great day and wish you all happy growing up!!!
2 months ago
Chubbs Master
Big Bud Auto
Growing it
All in all I would say this was an amazing and easy strain to grow. Unfortunately the worst happened with my flower tent and a few of the girls cought Powder Mold. So I ended up salvaging and harvesting what I could from a few of the plants left before completely overhauling and scrubbing the tent down from top to bottom. I decided to do a dryice sift with the flowers that I saved. I had some trim left over from a past grow so I mixed everything together and Wow am I happy I did. Probably the sweetest smelling kief I've extracted. I'm glad I have more of these seeds so I will not only recommend this strain but definitely be growing it again. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the improvements I've made with the tent I'll have better results as that's what growings all about. Learning with every grow from your mistakes and trying not to let it get your discouraged cause from my experience the more issue's you come across and learn to resolve the better grower you will be.

Happy Growing
3 months ago

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