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A powerful autoflowering hybrid of a Vancouver Sour Citrus for citrus lovers. Grapefruit has 19% THC and 1% CBD content. The plant grows easily and quickly both indoors and outdoors, but it gives the best growth rates in a grow-box. You can expect a yield of 600 grams per meter and about 300 grams per plant outdoors. This strain needs some natural fertilizers and good light for rapid growth. It is perfect for beginner growers. Grapefruit has small size up to 90 cm and its aromatic buds have a sour citrus grapefruit flavor and a sweet aftertaste. So recommended to use filters! It is ideal for all-day smoke because it stimulates the brain, but also has a calming effect on the body.    
Grapefruit AutoGrapefruit AutoGrapefruit AutoGrapefruit AutoGrapefruit AutoGrapefruit AutoGrapefruit AutoGrapefruit AutoGrapefruit AutoGrapefruit Auto
Gender Feminised
Genes 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
Genetics Grapefruit x Autoflowering
Harvest 500 g/m²
Flowering 30 - 35 days
THC 20.0%
CBD 1.0%
Vegetation 30 - 35 days
Room Type Indoor
Room Type Outdoor
Room Type Greenhouse
Release Year Previously Released


1 oz
Avg. Dry Weight
36 oz
Harvest Weight

Tastes & Effects

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Dry mouth
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Grapefruit AutoGrapefruit Auto

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ProfesorExplicito Apprentice
Grapefruit Auto
Growing it
Sabrosa y rápida cosecha.
2 months ago
Caribbean GrandMaster
Grapefruit Auto
Growing it
This diary is bringing a lot of "first time" to me :

1st time that I'm harvesting a weed so quick as the oldest took 62 days from seed to harvest which is a perfect weed to grow all year long as you can have 6 crop a year :shushing_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth::mask:

I am just realizing that the yield is the same for each plant :mask: it's the 1st time for me that 2 plants from the same strain are yielding exactly the same : 1::v::grin: it's not that common so I wanted to underline that fact.

The plants has been harvested and they are drying upside down in a closet with a fan blowing in their direction.

#1 : 52.30 Grams
Taste : Orange peel and Berries :tangerine::strawberry:
Smell : Orange peel
Effect : Talkative, mind motivation , creativity are the 1st effects then you are relaxed , happy , tired but not sleepy. That weed is keeping your mind in a state of constant awareness of what is going on around you while your body will slowly become heavy : 1:
Personal tips : Good weed to make love when both has took a hit :heart_eyes:

#2 : 52.50 Grams
Taste : Orange peels and something else
Smell : Orange peels and something else
Effect : Same same but different :v::grin: the effect is similar to the other one but this one is clearly attacking the size of your eyes , so you'll have red & small eyes . That one is relaxing but with a stone effect at the end. It's harder to resist and you'll get that sleepy / stone effect that is perfect when you know how to manage it :smirk:

Easy or Hard to grow ?

Super easy to take care of , open structure easy to manage , tight buds easy to trim , resistant to humidity , can accept a nice amount of fertilizer but an average dosage will be enough for a descent crop.

What can you improve ?

-The training methods !! With a topping at the right moment and some light defoliation to improve light penetration :v:

-The feeding : In coco I will push the ec around 2 :v:

Will you grow it again ? Recommending it ?

I've got 5 more seeds that I will convert into weed jars before the end of the year :pray::muscle:
I am recommending it to every coco nobs like me :v:

The three way smoke test [INCOMING]

# Doobies without tobacco #

Acidulous sweet orange peel taste , exactly in the grapefruit terpenes range :ok_hand: The throat can feel a smooth smoke so hard to caught if you're not a newbie which is important to be said because my flush wasn't the best one and the leaves were still green after the drying process.

There is a spicy after taste , like cinnamon or/and ginger that is creating a "one more puff" effect

# Crafty+ Vaporizer #

It's a different kind of hit ! The grapefruit is a nice vapor producer unlike some weeds I've tried. I only vaped it at 200 C° so I don't know about the vapor produced with a lower heating temp. The taste is nice even if I can taste the chlorophyll which means that my drying was too quick.
The effect is quick and It was a giggling stone :smirk:

# Water Pipe #
Taste is ok , hit isn't hard. Stone is good but I prefer the doobies and the vapo.
2 months ago
Grapefruit Auto
Growing it
Definitely day time smoke! As described by FastBuds this is one citrus sensation!

Very gassy and lemony, distinct after taste and stanky dank aroma :ok_hand::dash::ok_hand:
3 months ago
Tylando Newbie
Grapefruit Auto
Growing it
Grew really fast and flowered out quick.
One pheno was sweet mandarin orange, the second pheno was gassy and lightly woody/piney with sour citrus notes but it's not as prevalent as the other pheno.

Some decent colas, mostly pop but that was my own fault due to inexperience.

Would love to give it another try.
4 months ago
Grapefruit Auto
Growing it
I'll update this once the buds have had a proper cure but early impression is wow! High feels more sativa heavy and packs a punch. Really uplifting, great for an evening of your favorite music. As i find with all weed strains it doesn't so much make u hungry but food just tastes better than ever before so its hard not to chow down on everything in arms reach. Despite having another bowl late at night i dont recall having any issues with sleep. Smell is phenomenal, I'm just hoping flavour will evolve a bit with the cure cos I'm not getting much at the mo (although this is compared to my last two grows which were super skunk and sour crack so not sure that's fair.).
7 months ago

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