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One of the most poignant and historic strains to date, Jack Herer continues to pave its own wondrous legacy. The expert cultivators at Zamnesia Seeds have created an autoflowering homage to the original strain.

In just 10 weeks, Jack Herer Automatic goes from seed to harvest (respectable by any standards). Her compact nature make her an ideal 'cannabis candidate' for growers who are strapped for space. As she matures, she develops trichomes that become rich in resin.

For all the hard work and patience, growers can expect Jack Herer Automatic to yield a harvest in the region of 400g/m² - a pretty decent way of saying thank you, don't you think?

Jack Herer Automatic is a great strain to share among friends or on your own. It only takes a few hits of Jack Herer Automatic to bring out the inner philosopher within you (well kind of of anyway).




Gender Feminised
Genes ruderalis/indica/sativa
Genetics Jack Herer x Ruderalis
Harvest 400 g/m2
Flowering 10 weeks

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