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TheBug started grow question 4 years ago
What do you guys think about the leaves curling sideways like a pin wheel? I thought they would straighten out as the grew, but they're not. Not sure if the next set of leaves are going to do the same thing or not, they're too small. Only strain out of 4 doing it.
Total Noob - First Grow
13 weeks
Total Noob - First Grow TheBug
Blackberry Auto
45 comments · 4 years ago
Week 2
Leaves. Too many
MUDBUG answered grow question 4 years ago
I grow this strain every grow go to my diarys and check it out this is a genetics issue on this seed its not nothing you doing wrong it happens when u grow a BLUE STRAIN tbh get rid of her and pop 2 more this mutant will not give u anything its not worth the trouble big dog and i would go 16-8 hid and leds are completely different at this stage u stressing them out big time and for watering get a shot glass i use my measuring one and u should give 6-7 shots twice a day she will drink more the voodoo juice is straight FIYA i use it also stick to that watering and u cant go wrong :writing_hand::writing_hand::writing_hand::writing_hand::+1::+1::+1:
Experimentgreen answered grow question 4 years ago
Hey there so when i first looked at this week, i immediately thought of a thirsty plant getting too much sun. I know many people have great success on the 24 hour light schedule but it is also known that some strains can handle much more light intensity than other strains can. I usually hear it referred to as PPFD. I have also Read that a plant that gets a lot of light will also drink more water and consume more nutrients. If it's at all possible I think that lowering the light schedule to a 22/2 or 20/4 Would allow the plants to get a small level of rest and relaxation and hopefully not take away from growth or yield. In regards to watering if you can water the entire pot evenly with some run off and then allowed to dry I think that would make the plants most happy rather than sporadic varying watering.
I hope everything perks up and smooths out for you. Happy growing. :v:
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 4 years ago
Agree to all answers.The Girl sits in a big bag of wet soil. And she dont like it. I would give her asmaller pot with dry soil to dry her feet. And then use the pot lifting method. After transplaning her in dry soil, weigh the pot. then give her 30-50 ml. and just water her again if the pot has the same weigh as before. And when she grown out that pot give her abigger one and weigh him again and then water a bigger amount and so on
OutForReal answered grow question 4 years ago
A little less than 1L every 2 days is many more that what you should gives to her to keep her healthy at that stage. Over watered plant :v::skin-tone-3: that require less water next time to thrive well :yum:
CRiSPrGrow answered grow question 4 years ago
Yeah basically you've not done anything wrong, dont worry - check on grow diaries other black berries, 50% of them will have had some abnormalities at the seedling stage, including by the best growers, in all sorts of set ups including soil (but also coco & hydro) totally normal and it should end up growing into a pretty normal plant down the line. No stress ! hope this helps ! :rocket:
Removed answered grow question 4 years ago
Although your temperatures could be a degree or two higher, it is not that. Your problem is that the plant is in a pot too big for its current size and you end up over watering and so the seedling is drowning in water, unable to uptake oxygen. This is why it is so important to start in party cups and transplant when the current pot becomes too small for the plant size. At that stage a cup of water (200 cc or 7 oz) is more that enough for 5 days or so. Let it be and no more water, what you have poured into the pot will last weeks, once the media has sufficiently dry, growth will resume.
If you are unsure, you can tell by the curled edges and the puffiness between the veins in the leaves, classic over watering symptoms. Not that you need to look at the pictures, just telling us that it is receiving 2 liters every other day is enough. Good luck, we all made that mistake when we began to grow.