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The_Projexx started grow question 3 years ago
Hey whats going on ladies and gents . Can anyone tell me whats going on with CH#2 I've never seen something like this before . Thanks in advance !!
Week 2
Leaves. Too many
Stick answered grow question 3 years ago
Hi @VahallasGarden! I would say it's a genetic oddness, either it will disappear as the plant grows up, or it will keep doing that weird thing on leaves and then you'll have to see if it has an impact on growth or if it's only cosmetic. For the moment it's too soon to tell. This is why I like to proceed to seedling selection, by dropping ~3 seeds and keeping only the strongest, I ensure myself a healthy and productive run. Happy growing mate! :facepunch:
Removed answered grow question 3 years ago
Keep going for now...Wait for the next set of leaves I bet the next set are okay:muscle::pray::sunglasses:
TheBudWhisperer answered grow question 3 years ago
Yeah dude, still too early to tell - don’t care what anyone else would say. She may be a slow starter or just”different” lol. Either way, don’t think you’ll know for sure for another couple weeks at least. Always keep the faith homie - some of my best beans were absolute dogs out the gate and monsters on the finish:wink:. Good luck, cool strain, and I’ll be watchn this one close for sure:+1::facepunch: