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Seed2OrganicWeed started grow question 3 years ago
I am using a crude yeast and sugar water mix for CO2 production. My space is 80cm x 3m x 2.3m. Does anyone have any experience of whether this is doing anything? I have the fan on constantly so the air is being recycled. Just wondering if what I am doing is worth it?
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New Room Seed2OrganicWeed
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The_Projexx answered grow question 3 years ago
To be honest you are wasting time energy and money doing it like this , it's not that it's not beneficial to have a CO2 system but typically CO2 systems are for either grow rooms that are way way way to hot (30c and up for the most part) or the room is enclosed in such a way that it don't receive new air from another soure (outside your grow room) With that being said I don't know exactly how your set up in the sense if you have intake fans/exhaust fans how ever even if your room is enclosed and you are running your DIY C02 system you may wanna consider different options for various health reasons , the last thing you want is for that to be blowing mould spores and other types of spores around your grow room so I would advise against this method but if your not running into that type of problem because you clean it and change it often then thats ok too . I personally would go invest into a small C02 system for your grow area they arent expensive and they are far more effective . You also gotta keep in mind again that C02 is most used up when the plants are too hot and can't "breath" . I hope this information helps you understand the "when" someone should use a CO2 system and the risks you run when doing it with that type of DIY set up . -Happy Growing!
DissNoof answered grow question 3 years ago
First off, CO2 is very important but especially during veg and early flower. By late flower the plant has basically stopped using that much CO2 that enrichement makes less/no sense. basically if you have exhaust running you need maybe a 40gallon yeast system and times two to really make a difference. sorry for the bad news, but i'm just being truthful and sharing my experience with CO2. to calculate how much you need you need to figure out how much you produce of co2 first, so make the yeast thing, then put it in a container with a balloon over it and measure the rate of filling. That's your input rate. then measure your extraction rate. if input minus extraction is positive then you're doing something, if it's negative then you're doing nothing. Hope this helps man ! :rocket: