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Houseovdankgenetics started grow question 3 years ago
Is topping autos any good I’ve heard a lot of debates just canny make my mind up weather to top them or not
Smoothie auto
2 weeks
Smoothie auto Houseovdankgenetics
Smoothie Auto
1 comment · 3 years ago
Week 1
Techniques. Defoliation
Fast_Buds answered grow question 3 years ago
I have to agree with your fellow growers =) I've seen some nice examples of topped Smoothie Auto, so it's definitely possible! Experiment if you want, let's see what happens=)
blazin_skywalker answered grow question 3 years ago
It's not about it being "good" or "bad" in any kind of general rule, but more of a question of candidacy to be decided upon on a plant by plant basis.

If your plant has enough growth to be able to top at the 4th or 5th node before they go into flower (which only gives you around 3 weeks), then your plant would be considered a good candidate for topping.

If the plant isn't flourishing enough right off the bat, then it probably would not be considered a good candidate for topping out of consideration for its very short veg cycle and chance of stunting by topping too late. These kind of plants can really take off with some creative LST!

So in my opinion, there isn't (and probably never will be) a definitive answer on whether or not you should top an autoflower. Each plant must be considered in its own.

I have a journal, Tangie'matic, if you'd like to see an example of a top gone very right on an autoflower!

Best of luck with your grow! I am in my 2nd week with Smoothie Auto as well! Happy growing! :v::purple_heart: :seedling:
MarcXL answered grow question 3 years ago
Did this one time before and worked well. Maybe the topping stress will let her in veg one more week but thats okay because of a bigger yield. Just look that your plant is healthy and didn´t start flowering when topping her, i would recommend at latest when preflower shows up.
Wicked_Stix answered grow question 3 years ago
This debate will go on forever.... I have only run 1 auto grow but I say top them if they are healthy, growing fast, and before the end of the third week. I topped mine and they turned into monsters. As long as the plants are doing well, you can train them just as you would a photoperiod plant. There is always a chance of stunting them, but I choose to top. Seems to work best to top above the 3rd node when the 5th node appears. Good luck on your grow.