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Purple Lemonade Auto FastBuds
10 weeks
Purple Lemonade Auto FastBuds OGgrows
Purple Lemonade
25 comments · 5 months ago
Gorilla Auto from DinaFem
11 weeks
Gorilla Auto from DinaFem OGgrows
Gorilla Autoflowering
10 comments · 5 months ago
Misty gorilla auto Zambeza
12 weeks
Misty gorilla auto Zambeza Niki063
Misty Gorilla Autoflowering
14 comments · 10 months ago
Cream Caramel Auto Sweet Seeds
8 weeks
Cream Caramel Auto Sweet Seeds OGgrows
Cream Caramel Auto®
15 comments · 6 months ago
Cream cookies Fanta QB
7 weeks
Cream cookies Fanta QB Niki063
Cream Cookies
14 comments · 10 months ago
Bruce Banner#3 Auto SensibleSeeds
10 weeks
Bruce Banner#3 Auto SensibleSeeds OGgrows
Bruce Banner Auto
6 comments · 5 months ago
Cream Cookies Auto Fast Buds
13 weeks
Cream Cookies Auto Fast Buds Niki063
Cream Cookies
11 comments · 10 months ago
Sweet skunk fv (fim)
11 weeks
Sweet skunk fv (fim) Tamaravm
Sweet Skunk Fast Version®
7 comments · 3 weeks ago
15 weeks
Sweetmix Adriplnks
+2 strains
3 comments · 1 week ago
First Time Grow
16 weeks
First Time Grow wraith
Amnesia Lemon
1 month ago

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I have grown with these products for some time, and as always happy with them :muscle: :green_heart:

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1 week ago

never used it

1 month ago

To be one of my first crops I think it has helped me make the most of this farity so :o: TFREP

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2 months ago

First times using verygreen , very good

5 months ago

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