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Blue Cheese Autoflowering is a combination of two fragrant, delicious and unique strains - Blueberry and Cheese - and a ruderalis genetics that provides quick flowering and compact size. The result plant contains 35% sativa, 40% indica and 25% ruderalis.

The plant demonstrates a great stability both indoors and outdoors in any temperate conditions with good light. The plant is small sized and reaches to 40-70 cm. So it is ideal for balconies, terraces and other little spaces. The strain showcases beautiful purple colors when the night temperature is lower than day.

The average crop is about 325-375 grams/m2 inside and 60-100 grams/m2 outside. The strain produces heavy, compact buds covered with sticky resin with a high THC content. The flowering cycle takes 9-10 weeks after planting

The smoke provides a strong, sweet, fruity aroma with enjoyable skunky hints of old school plants and an amazing taste of berries and spice with a cheesy, creamy aftertaste. The Blue Cheese Auto brings a relaxation and uplifting high with a pleasant calm. The effect is also cerebral. It is excellent choice to open the creativity and for meditation.



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Harvest Weight


Gender Feminised
Genes 35% sativa/ 40% indica / 25% ruderalis
Genetics Blueberry x Cheese x Ruderalis
Harvest 325 - 375 gr/m2
Flowering 9-10 weeks

Tastes & Effects

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beer420 Apprentice
Blue Cheese Automatic
Growing it
Great fucking smoke! Don't really know when it's best, I only like to smoke in the evening.
2 months ago
CBD_Sweden GrandMaster
Blue Cheese Automatic
Growing it
2017-12-03. This is the harvest of girl Nr2. I have girl Nr1 and 3 left to harvest and i will do separate harvest in all 3 plants.
Its a organic grow in soil under a 400 watt HPS light.
The smell of her is amazing, she smell very strong cheese and sweet berry.
The buds are dense and covered in sugar, they are sticky like glue.
This girl is a absolute monster.
I added 57 pictures and one video of the harvest.
I trimmed her and then down in water for the watercuring and i get back with more pictures, smoke report, and dry weight when im done.
2017-12-10. The final dry weight of this lovely lady is 112.81 grams.
Bag 1. 19,93 g.
Bag 2. 19,96 g.
Bag 3. 20,16 g.
Bag 4. 19,92 g.
Bag 5. 19,93 g.
Bag 6. 12,91 g.
Bare in mind that when you water cure the buds the dry weight is about 20% less if compered with a air cured bud.
The battery died on my big scale so i had to weight the last 12,91 g of bud on my smaller scale.
Im super happy for the big yeild and i have big hopes for this girls 2 sisters.
2017-12-14. Harvest of girl NR1.Added video and pics. She is trimmed now and is watercuring.
2017-12-15. Harvest of girl NR3.Added video and pics. She is trimmed now and is watercuring.
I will update with more picks and dry weight when is cured.
1 year ago
Lange Apprentice
Blue Cheese Automatic
Growing it
She was pretty easy to grow. i might have overfeed her a bit, but still a very nice grow.
i will grow this strain again for sure, but next time i give her some more time to finish.
The buds are not the biggest or densest, but they're very frosty, and very tastefull.
I would say the effect is mostly sativa. it gives me an uplifting creative high. after 30-45 minutes i get a more body relax feeling without being couch lock, my head is still going. the effect last about 2 hours or so.
The smell of the buds are very berry/fruity like, a very sweet smell. The taste is the same, very sweet and with a creamy aftertaste. and it's not even cured properly yet.
The taste reminds me of the Royal Bluematic, but this is more sweet and fruity, and the taste/smell of the buds are stronger.
I rate this strain 8/10. Easy to grow, no signs of mold/rot, Very tastefull buds with a mostly creative/uplifting high.
This is a daytime smoke for me, i would not recommend to smoke this before bedtime.
1 year ago

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