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Cristiano420 started grow question 3 years ago
My plants are dying! They are now about a 17 days old and not growing, instead some have bizarre leaves and yelowing tips. After straggling a lot to find out what could their problem, i came to the conclusion that soiless medium I bought came with and extremely high ph! Bastards! I found out after flushing my pots. Flushed with tap water ph 7.0 , runoff ph was about 8!
After that I flushed with 2 liters of water ph 4.1. I checked runoff again and ph was 7.9- still ridiculously high!
Does anyone know what can do to save them? Maybe transplanting them to pot with new soil? Is it better to wait for ph to drop ?
Week 2
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OutForReal answered grow question 3 years ago
Hello ! Sorry but at least one will die whatever you'll do to keep her alive. The 2 others have a chance to make it if you follow all the advices given in the previews answers ! Hope it will help you :grin::+1:
Removed answered grow question 3 years ago
It's recommended to always wash any soilless media before using it, but that does not help you now. I would get new soil or coco, whichever you prefer and transplant.
Stick answered grow question 3 years ago
Hi @Cristiano420! Sad news...Well in this situation, I would wait for the medium to dry (maybe help it with a small fan), then delicately proceed to transplantation, by removing the old medium and repotting into a fresh one (CocoMix from BioBizz works great). I would use a smaller container to start, such as a 5L airpot/smartpot: this will prevent from overwatering and help the roots to explode with a second transplantation later in a bigger container (~12-15L or more). Once in the new medium, water with some roots-stimulator and a bit of Nitrogen, pH 5.5~5.8, and see how it goes. Hope they will recover soon, keep us up-to-date and happy growing :facepunch:
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 3 years ago
Yes indeed , your Idea to transplant them is a good way. Its hard to recalibrate such an amount of soil. Give her A good prefertilised soil ( BIOBIZZ/ Plagron) thats is easier to handle than cococoir ( in my opinion) iam a friend of mixing a light mix and a fullmix. I fill the pot with the all mix, diggin a hole and take out some of it and then refill the hole with lightmix. so the plant gets wha it needs in every stage of life. You can see it in my Diary "R.i.P. BOUNDZOUND"...I am a fiens of Biobizz because the soil stay stable
DudeGrowsWeed answered grow question 3 years ago
I think your idea of transplanting to new pots/soil sounds best to me. But I'd flush it really good before transplanting and try to get the PH down to around 6.5 before moving the plants. I think they should survive and turn out fine. You've caught it pretty early. Good luck :+1:
mad_scientist answered grow question 3 years ago
Hello @Cristiano420 ! Indeed some companies doesn't sell PH balancedmediums. That is applied at all mediums like coco,clay pebbles ans rock wool cubes. But there are also companies that do sell PH balanced mediums, like grodan sells PH balanced rock wool and and hydrocorn that sell PH balanced clay pebbles (the golden label) . Anyway, your plant doesn't really look so bad. Just flush the medium with PH 'd water at 5.5-5.6 and EC at around 1 ms/cm until the run off gets the same values ( prepare a lot of water ) and not by watering with lower PH in order to make it equal. Do that soon and you will be fine. Happy growing !:facepunch:
DissNoof answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey Cristiano yeah you should transplant them to a happier place for them especially if you have access to soil that's suitable. otherwise maybe to a smaller pot with garden dirt for the time it takes to figure it out. Hopefully they will recover. You could try soiless again or simply soil for this grow based on what I see now i pray :pray: they could recover from this. Good luck man