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cocotastrophe started grow question 3 years ago
In the cover photo for this grow is the flower in mention.
I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what this is.
Its only this one flower out of 5 plants.
It's on the plant which has mad genetics, if you look back through the grow you'll see this.
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11 weeks
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Week 8
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HighTV answered grow question 3 years ago
Congratulations you'v won the genetics lottery! This condition is known as allopolyploidy! Most species with a nuclei (eukaryotes) are diploid, meaning they were given two pairs of chromosomes—one set inherited from each parent. A Polyploidy however is an individual strain having chromosomes composed of multiple 'sets' derived from different species. In other words this a rare genetic mutation caused by breeding plants, but it will have no negative effects on your current grow. Sit back relax and watch it do its thing :sunglasses:
OutForReal answered grow question 3 years ago
Hello! You are very lucky Bro, you can see the same variation on the @NugWitch Black cream diary , it's called polyploidy and that mean that your plant have more than 2 set of genes ( diploids = two sets of genes, xx – xy like humans ) so your plant will potentially get bigger thanks to this variation. I hope it will help you :v::skin-tone-3::grin: