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BudsZA started grow question 3 years ago
Would a few days of rain stunt its growth a lot? Would that effect yield? The rain isn't the problem as I will bring it under cover but then it won't get much sun
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The_Projexx answered grow question 3 years ago
So basically i'll answer like this , if your feeding and its PH corrected water your feeding it then the rain comes and rains a whole bunch it will mess up the PH in the ground changing the PH of what you put and it will simulate the effects as being watered at an inconsistent PH which will lead to lock outs and stunts of growth . How ever if your just feeding it rain water that you have collected in a bucket or reservoir then if it rains for a few days its no big deal because its getting the same water , with the same PH . If you are using rain water to give to your plants then measure its PH first so that when you feed with the nutrients you can correct the PH and have it always be consistent . Thats the most important thing when they are young like that is consistent PH and of course not have her be over watered . So if it rains like crazy for a few days I would move her somewhere were shes not going to get over watered and drown to death , when they are young like that less is more and rain for couple days straight onto a small plant like that not exactly the most ideal. I hope this information shed's some light onto your grow and helps you determine what you think is best for your young plants ! -Happy Growing!
DasBoof answered grow question 3 years ago
no lol, rain is fine but it can cause problems if it's : 1. too much rain 2. acid rain 3. too cold 4. if you have pre fertilised the soil - dude it's a plant, it's meant to grow outdoors right?
Experimentgreen answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey there so rain can occasionally carry germs and what not, thats the only possible hazard i can see, unless its raining so hard its overwatering or beating up the plant or medium. My plants outside did great with the rain. Put a cup over that little one for protection and don't worry. If its too bad pull it up on the deck or something till the elements calm down. :v:
balansa answered grow question 3 years ago
rain itself is not a problem. but the water from the rane will change ph in your pot and if u r using nutriens it will mess everything up because heavy rain can work as a flashing and will make nutuenta gi true the run off water and low mutrients of caurse will caus low yeald. so it would be great to cover while raining good luck
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 3 years ago
Rain dont harm your littleone, but she looks quite limy/ yellow to me.....Its soilless grow? i think you lil one needs some Nitrogen.. the best is to use a calmag product ( it contins nitrogen too). So she get what she needs. If its a pure soilless grow its impossible to do it without calmag
Skunk_Life85 answered grow question 3 years ago
Rain is the best water, it is already ph perfect. Now it being small, too much rain can be a problem. It can drownd the little thing if it doesnt have good drainage. Other wise leaves it out in the sun.