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Kukulkan (Pyramid Photo Fem) - Spring/23

5 days ago
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Commented by TommyBVRSA75 TommyBVRSA75
5 days ago

On the way to week 13, summer around the corner and the Kukulkan growing like a small line harvest to above all have a good smoke and not for a quantity that is the axis, because that in rule is not an objective for this grower brother.

Until now, the whole grow was based on not giving it too much water or nutrients.

The Mills' mix in line with others in the same family such as Plagron, where the organic is based on the chemical, has only stood out for the quality of its silicon - Vitalize -.

In recent times, because we have already begun to add PK, be it maintenance or fattening, and in recent weeks we have had stem growth also very dependent on the supply of MG, whether through Delta 9; the MG of Super Soil, or the Bloom of Hesi, has meant that the stems that had been outlined with the foliar cuts, have now begun to lengthen.

The Kukulkan looks like a hybrid that is becoming a very balanced sativa and in the photos it is very clear to see that the growth structure of the stems is made up of very small and narrow leaves (an almost absence of large leaves is very visible, a bit like the last crops had shown in their hybrids).

Plus, the smell of grow is not strong one bit and you can see that the bud structure will be continuous and in a very clear line of a very pure sativa.

In other words, everything expected from Kukulkan has escaped the initial forecast and I confess that I expected a hybrid that was much more open to an indica than such an obvious sativa character.

The next few weeks will be decisive in terms of the size of the buds and in terms of the maturation of the cultivar.

In the most recent days there is also a character that I don't like like a grower who goes through the salinization of the substrate. It is very evident to see that the 25-liter airpot in terms of roots has reached the point of root saturation and it is clear that recently the drainage of water and nutrients has become complicated and that the entire root system and mycorrhizal subsystem, together with the silicon present in the system, has made irrigation very difficult and with it, it is unknown to know what the result will be for the final month in which we are entering.

Another question that is complex is at this time to have a broad idea of what temperatures and variations in humidity will do to the cultivar.

The schedule of the 12/12 hour light cycle, I have programmed it so that the lights go out at night, but there is no doubt that there are nights where there are temperatures that exceed 30º C and relative humidity that reaches lows of less than 40% and no matter how much balancing work is tried, the outdoor conditions that are treated at the arrival of summer are what they are... and as Grower I have had in mind since day 1 of doing a complete cycle of a feminized one, it would make an average of 18 weeks end up like this... half way between the Conditions of the summer, the grow room and the grow store.

In short, God Jah in charge and putting peace to some problems in the family and for someone who, always knowing what my hobby and taste for growing is, in the past week, has decided to wage a “war” on me of those that begin with the ignorance of those who believe that a crop of a crop of the present size, is a “crime” worthy of the worst trafficker... because of these and others the world is burdened with hypocrisy and the great disease of the world, it is someone who does not understand that a seedling of 70 cm of drugs is a “crime” worthy of the worst trafficker... because of these and others the world is burdened with hypocrisy and the great disease of the world, it is someone who does not understand that a seedling of 70 cm of water is a factory of 70 drugs, it is a factory factory of 70 drugs... and that's why I feel sad... more than necessary, but the God Jah who knows everything, will know how to put what is right in its place.

Green greets to all the brothers...

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