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GreenCanuck started grow question 3 years ago
Any advice on a possible watering schedule would be highly appreciated. At this time I have difficulty telling the difference between over and under watering symptoms.
First Grow - Time To Learn
9 weeks
First Grow - Time To Learn GreenCanuck
Royal Dwarf
33 comments · 3 years ago
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Thee_HoffGuyy answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey G.C.! The best trick to not over-under water is to feel the weight of the pot when dry when i say dry the first inch or so of soil dry but not to where the plant is wilting. You can even weigh it if you want. make a mental note or literal of it. Then when you give it its' next watering after you water feel the weight of the pot. Once again take a mental note of what it weighs. Now you know if its on the heavy(watered) side you know not to water, if it is light(dry) you know it is time to water its a simple yet very effective method. Hope this helps! Happy Growing:sunglasses:
Adrenalized answered grow question 3 years ago
I just bought myself a little hydro meter which Is used to see how moist my soil is. It world pretty well and I can pretty much tell where the groundwater level is. It only costed 10 bucks so pretty good investment
Experimentgreen answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey there so I think a common way is to feed every other watering with nutrients. As for days while its a seedling with minimal roots you can either lift the pot like mentioned or scratch the top and see if the first couple inches have dried and then maybe every 3+ days. But once the plants big enough if you keep it in the 1 gallon pot it'll probably need watering everyday, otherwise eventually transplanted. Hope that helps :v:
hellomynameis answered grow question 3 years ago
For the first few weeks i would recommend to water with a shot glass. Like one shot glass per plant every 3-4 days depending on your temp and humidity. Always check your soil before watering put your finger in the soil and feel if its dry or wet also check your leaves. If they are hanging and you watered with a shot glass like a few days ago it can't be overwatering. If your plants becoming bigger they need more water. The best method for this is to remember the weight of your pot when the soil is dry. So before you water lift your pot when it feels heavy there's still enough water in there if it's lightweight then your plants need water again. For myself I found out that overwatering is worse than underwatering. So I only water when my soil is dry the benefit of this especially in the first weeks is that the roots expand better because they're seraching for water. A good rootsystem is important for a healthy plant. One more thing you should keep in mind: never let your pots stay in water because your soil can mold and you may become root rot. Good luck with your grow!
DissNoof answered grow question 3 years ago
the only schedule you need to know for a soil grow is : feed water water feed water water, follow that schedule and you'll get great results. For watering try the lifting bag method, it could work great for you ! Hope this helps ! :rocket: