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HappyGrower started grow question 4 years ago
Hi ..

My ICE plant look like basil on the new set of leaves ... someone know what that means or what might caused it ?

Thanks a lot !
Indoor grow summer 2018
3 weeks
Indoor grow summer 2018 HappyGrower
+2 strains
8 comments · 4 years ago
Week 3
Leaves. Too many
ChillumMafia answered grow question 4 years ago
fun. Do not worry, mate. it happens - not stable genetics. you can see my diary. 2 plants of 4 are completely different.

the girls look great. time will show that of not grow
FlavoursUk answered grow question 4 years ago
There’s no abnormal growth at all, you just need to let the plant catch up with the rate it’s producing those leaves. They will expand and get bigger over the next few weeks, be patient and give her a chance. Nice plants also.
Jeff123fish answered grow question 4 years ago
It’s no big deal just a bit of a humidity issue it will go away as this set of leaves fully expand
Experimentgreen answered grow question 4 years ago
Hey there so I see what you mean, that ice is far behind the others. The best piece of advice I got was to grow several of the same strain together, I will never learn or listen because I'm determined to grow many strains! All strains have different needs, strengths, weaknesses. Perhaps checking on those aspects of the ice strain will help. What's its best temp, is it weak to nutrients or need extra, does she have a longer life cycle than the others so she just needs time to catch up(that's my guess is the catch up time because she still looks strong and healthy). All the plants are looking good though, good dense growth for height. I hope that can help in a small way, and I look forward to seeing each of their unique quirks as they grow up.
Happy growing to you.