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dutdut started grow question 5 years ago
Everything in this diary is bagseed genes. Should I be worried about plants herming late in flower. I had my “best” strain inside grew her out while making novice mistakes which caused massive stress on it! Should I be worried outside?!!
Outdoor mix
19 weeks
Outdoor mix dutdut
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Week 12
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PharmaZ answered grow question 5 years ago
Hey I know it’s a little late but I’d like to share my experience with Herms I’ve had a few.
2 types of herms #1 Is the type that throws yellow bananas or nanas (Stamen) once they appear it’s already to late, they do not store then release polen like the complete male flower does they provide the pollen directly to the surrounding buds.
#2 genetic, this type you will see the flowers forming together In the preflower or early flower stage. Bunches of males hanging out next to clusters of females. This plant is the devil burn with fire (in a safe environment)
#1 usually mid to late flower. But can happen earlier of course (haven’t experienced it early flower) if it happens late flower (50% + cloudy Trich) flush as you would everything will be ok!!
#2 preflower to early stage (KILL)

I’ve flound a few suspect preflowers over the years of growing autos. In my experience preflowers tend to appear near the 3-4th node this is where you should check your plant, anywhere after week 2 (I’ve had seeds sex at 12 days old).
I could go on. If anyone has any experiences feel free to contact me and share.
SunBeam answered grow question 5 years ago
Hey @dutdut .

Nice grow.

I disagree with some of what other people have shared.

The unfortunate thing about bag seed is that the mother plant has more than likely passed on the genetic mutation to her seeds through epigenetics. That's not to say the plant will be a hermaphrodite, the probability is just high that the seeds carry the mutation as a dominant characteristic; or the gene may simply be triggered through even a minimal stress to the plant.

Another thing to take into consideration is that the mother plant was more than likely a feminized seed to begin with; so you'll have the same scenario with those epigenetics.

SO, it's not 50/50 on being male or female; not at all. It's going to come down to environmental factors, stress, and dominant genetics; what ever they may be.

An alternative scenario, which is highly unlikely these days, is you have a good old fashion cannabis seed propagated the natural way.

Hope this helps, Good luck with the rest of the grow!
Experimentgreen answered grow question 5 years ago
Everyone always has to worry about hermies, however yours being "regular" seeds instead of feminized, you'll have to stay vigilant about checking for the males and then get them out of there. A good guide with the preflowers and early flowering is females will be much more pointy and eventually a hair pops out, then men are short and squat and look similar to a spade in cards, and they'll pop up in huge clusters. If you can spot them before they open up and drop pollen(you'll see it trust me) you should be perfect. As for the hermie if you're seeing both sexes you can either stay on top of removing the male parts and hope for some ok buds(maybe a little seedy) or you could remove it like a Male.
Best of luck, plants are much more resilient than were aware I think, I wouldn't stress too much over hermies. :four_leaf_clover:
Michka answered grow question 5 years ago
Hi there ! First of all give them a little nitrogen and water, but i'm pretty sure you already did it... For the rest, just be sure they are females, you have to see if there are pollen sacks or pistils on each.. Then destroy males (sacks) and just enjoy your females.. You never know if it's bagseeds, it can be femenised seeds but with hemie genes... It can be regular seeds.. But it also can be very good strains or cross... Just cross your fingers and let it go ! Hope i helped you ! Michka
Jeff123fish answered grow question 5 years ago
Any seed can carry hermie traits but as for yours they have a 50/50 chance of being male. You should be able to see pollen sacks by now if they are males. Other than that the only issue I see in your pictures is they look thirsty. Best of luck moving forward
MUDBUG answered grow question 5 years ago
Your plants stress less outdoors its in its natural envioment thats y u get bigger plants outdoors u will get good results with those plants exp in flower move her where ever the sun moves late in flower:+1::+1::beers::beers:
Thegermling509 answered grow question 5 years ago
Bro do you know if theyre at least female? Thats why its best not to grow bagseed. Its a 50/50 chance that its either a male or female. Next time start with seeds you know are female. Good luck!