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ItsLegalInMyHouse started grow question 4 years ago
Hi everyone, I need some advice here. I am currently using a 200W dual spectrum CFL for Vegatation however I know that I will require a more powerful setup for flowering, if I want to get a good yield from all 3 plants.

Can anyone tell me what would be better, HPS or LED?
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Sgundur answered grow question 4 years ago
So the solution is easy but depends all of your cash budget, I explain better: Led light consume a lot less power and have better results in all the stages considering the low heat produced too, HPS instead cost a lot less but produces lot of heat and consume a lot of power. So I usually raccomand led light (more compact- high efficiency- low heat production)

Tell me If this answer was useful for you or not, I can give you some advice about what led u can buy on budget.