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Technaflora Plant Products Ltd. was founded in Canada and located in Mission, British Columbia. This is the imaginative and dynamic company that provides high quality nutrients and additives for every grower and every stage of growth.

The Technaflora contains wide product range and such unique products as B.C. Hydroponic Nutrients™, Rootech Cloning Gel™, Thrive Alive B-1™, Awesome Blossoms™, and Recipe For Success Starter Kit™. These nutrients makes Technaflora a leader in the gardening market.

Technaflora also has a perfect customer service, continuing useing of innovation to develop unique product to meet specific needs of growers.




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It was good! I did used them in very small doses and they worked great! super easy to follow recipe
3 days ago
No complaints but not much to compare to being my first grow. Would recommend and would recommend starting at 1/8 strength, then work up to 1/4 and half if with autos in soil.
1 week ago
EhlersChick Newbie
This was my first time growing, and I germinated unknown bagseed - the one plant that I harvested seemed pretty good. I used Technaflora's Recipe for Success Starter Kit. I didn't really understand what each nutrient was for and why it was important. I also used Thrive Alive B-1 Red but that item isn't available in the drop down menu.
2 weeks ago
I liked using this but it was a lot to mix up every week. I am interested in trying something easier next time.
2 months ago
TheDrGreenThumb Apprentice
Nutrients worked well. They are everything in veg but didnt want much in flower at all. Noticed good results with the whole blend of nutrients from fox farm which I crossed over to half way through the grow. I’m curious to try some other brands on the next grow.
8 months ago

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Id love to try your product on my next grow to see how it performs....keep my money in cabada if it does well