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VersaceDon started grow question 3 years ago
Could someone give me accurate information regarding the exponential growth of my one plant. All three are the same strain, is it the pheno type or unstable genetics?
LSD- 25 Bestva Grow
7 weeks
LSD- 25 Bestva Grow VersaceDon
LSD-25 Auto
14 comments · 3 years ago
Week 2
Leaves. Too many
Philindicus answered grow question 3 years ago
Each plant has similar but different genetics. Your plants new growth is showing signs of an iron deficiency which causes lack of vigor. Possible causes are over watering, too high of a ph, temperatures are too cool. You seem to have all of the above. The signs are leaves are drooping down and appear puffy or raised in the areas between the veins. Let them dry out a bit more before watering again. Check the weight of the pot before and after so you can judge better. Try to lower your ph to 6.0-6.3 to aid roots to absorb iron. Also if possible try to increase your temps. If your still having issues try using a foliage spray containing iron chelate twice a week. Be sure to get the underside of the leaves and spray at lights off to prevent leaf burn. Hope this helps.
OutForReal answered grow question 3 years ago
It is related to the phenotype. Same strain don't mean same look/shape/smell/etc. Be patient : sometimes the quick one in veg is the slow one in flo and vice versa
Experimentgreen answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey there so like mentioned before all plants will have some differences, but the size is significant. I grew a set of fast buds recently and there was one that was by far the runt for a long time and I noticed other diaries reporting similar small size. It may be that the one is the stable of the 3, but.only finishing them will tell which is really the dominant.
Have you noticed any of the 3 recieving better light, wind speed or slightly different watering practice? Those can cause some pretty big changes.
Good luck over the next couple weeks of observation and the whole grow.:v:
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 3 years ago
its normal that the plants develop different. The seeds youve bought are from different plants, so thats one reason that they are different in growth. next one you aleady mentioned it the phenotype.... And the easiest eason is: that is Nature in her beautiful diversity......or would you look te same like your siblings=?.... happy growing... girls look good