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Sour Diesel comes from California. This is a potent and very popular strain among many smokers and growers. The variety is based on such genetics as Original Diesel, Northern light, Shiva and Hawaiian. The result plant contains 70% indica and 30% sativa genetics.

The plant develops a mostly sativa structure with very resinous buds. It produces a very strong smell during 10 weeks of flowering. The average height reaches to 150 cm. The harvest comes in late October and brings 475 - 525 gr/m2 of shiny buds. The strain demonstrates great results both indoors and outdoors. It likes warm, temperate climate such as in California or Spain. 

The fragrant buds produces strong chemical, herbal and sour flavours. And smoke brings a physical, clear high.




Gender Feminised
Genes Sativa: 75% Indica: 25%
Genetics Original Diesel x (Northern light x Shiva x Hawaiian)
Harvest 550-600 gr/m2
Flowering 10-12 weeks
THC high
CBD medium

Tastes & Effects

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Dry mouth
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