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Fast Buds Cover Photo Contest 2019

Shipped by Sponsors / Europe & America
2501 Photos participating
9 months ago

Do you have a passion for growing and a love for photography?   

We’re on the search for high-quality photos of expert grows for all of our strains, so we’re starting this contest to find the best of the best and we’re offering up to 50,000 in prizes to the winners!!

This contest will be a little different than others as it will be ongoing until we find exactly what we are looking for to complete our entire online catalogue.

What we are offering:

Entire Strain Gallery for website: $1,000 (per strain)

Entire Gallery must include the following types of photos, all with a black background:

  • Various Close up shots of main cola
  •  Various Close up Shot of entire plant
  • Various shots of main cola from a distance
  • Various shots of entire plant from a distance
  • Close up shot of dried bud
  • Shot of dried bud from a distance
  • Bird’s eye view of plant
  • Bird’s eye view of main cola

*Please note that entries must be of plants which are close to harvest, in order to show the plants true beauty 

Individual photo for website: $100

Individual photos must be one of the photos mentioned above.




Who can enter:

Anyone who submits a Single Strain Fast Buds Diary from the beginning date of this contest.


*We reserve the right to use any submitted photos on social media, however, if we decide to use it for our website you will be compensated with the aforementioned prizes.

How & When

  • Enter with a photo
  • Photo should lead to a week with a gallery


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